Bren Northern Lights New Launch From Bren in Bangalore

A residential apartment with attributes never seen before welcomes you! Bren northern light is a residential apartment, located in off Jakkur, near airport road, crafted by Bren Corporation. Bren Corporation is about innovation, quality, and customer delight. We come with spaces that are not just an engineer’s job but an alluring creation for people to reside happily. We understand your needs well as we have been delivering quality homes and spaces since three decades for now. We have seen families transforming their lives by partnering with us.
Bren Northern Lights

Just for your information that we have partnered with Nolte which is Europe’s leading manufacturers of bedroom and kitchen. That speaks for the quality we wish to get to our customers.
Apart from the residential spaces, we are very much active in commercial, retail, corporate and educational ones as well. So we really get to the specificities of sector very much well.

Bren Northern Lights- About the Projects

How is the site at Bren Northern Lights:

This wonderful creation is located in theJakkur, off airport road, Bangalore; a city where life is happening too fast, too fast-paced.  All the techies around with the day-long work need such an abode which is worth to melt in the comfort of a place called ‘home’. And we bring you to exactly the same place. With careful considerations to suit your needs, we have decided on this place as your next home. This, according to reports is expected to be connected to the South Bangalore via the upcoming metro railway project. So either way, you remain all the way connected to the city. Plus the location is nearer to the airport, means connectivity to pan India locations.

The configurations and price of Bren Northern Lights:

In a tech city of Bangalore, you can’t possibly own a house so easily with the perfection of price, location, facilities and so on. So hoping that our configurations fit you the best. Bren Northern lights come in 1, 1.5, and 2 BHK configurations to suit an average household living a posh lifestyle. The saleable area is around 440  sqft for 1 BHK apartment. For 1.5 and 2 BHK configurations, the saleable area is 430, 455-584 sqft. The prices could be enquired on the contact details given on the website. Further website could be your friend for more.

Amenities That Attracts Towords Bren Northern Lights:

With Bren Corporation everything is so grand. Even though we have medium configuration houses, yet we ensure that they live a life of class apart. You think it and we have already there.
So the general ones which almost everybody comes up with are round the year security, children's play area, multi-tier gymnasium, clubhouse,  multi-purpose hall. What we bring to you from our side at the same affordable price begins with the facility of separate swimming pools. Yes, we have got one for the adult and the other for kids only pool, to give everybody equal opportunity to bloom. Next up in the health facility is the well-designed sports club and the poker room. We get the varied tastes of varied personalities and so we get to you everything. 
Bren Northern Lights

Then there is a whole big community of book lovers in the world as well. And imagine if book reading becomes happening by refreshing coffee by your side, then it is surely like a cherry on the top. Also for the ones who have not yet experienced the company of your best friend and the best habit could get a glimpse of reading. It could prove helpful for the ones who have just begun going to school.

Not only two of the hobbies exist, there should be a time for what movies have to offer to us. And we have got a big amphitheatre to just binge on your favourite movies and see your favourite actors and actresses. Another reason to unite your family!

Then there are proposed civic facilities like fulfilling your needs like ATM, supermarkets etc. To add to the security feature, we provide CCTV surveillance with the check post at every entrance.
Have a party to host? Not a task to be worried for, we get you a multipurpose hall to celebrate each and every moment of yours and create fantastic memories. Because after all, life is a collection of beautiful memories.

What else at Bren Northern Lights? Are you a pet lover? Yes? Hold on, there is something special. Bren Northern lights have got pet's corner ensuring your extra family member gets his way of life to live too. This will save time from random walking of your pet and you.

Well, a house can't be all complete without having a great kitchen area. Already teaming up with the brand in Europe, we have up our mark; we told you that we make things grand. There is this area dedicated to Barbeque. Yes, yes we have got one to get one of those best times cooking. 

And you could, either way, get food ordered from nowhere than your own society. Bren Northern lights have got a multi-cuisine restaurant. It is all set to deliver world-class dishes near you. You just need to select your cuisine and order, it is that easy. Happy eating!

Well, out of these amenities all crafted for you, what if there are guests for a while? Anything in the bag for them? Definitely, after all your guests are our guests. So the one thing which can create a smile on their faces is ample parking space, especially for visitors. Sounds great? You could have a great time with your visitors without peeping out of the window for the safety of their vehicle. 
With Bren Northern Lights, its all safe and GRAND.

Still there?

Well if you have read till now, stayed till now, then we definitely we make a match. It is on a high probability that we have somewhere been able to tickle to tastes and sense. Else getting to know this much about a project could be not of much interest to many.

Anyway, we are happy and were so sure that we will be able to invite to the heavenly abode  and our craft, all waiting for you.  So dial now!


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